Baron Holbrook

Salisbury, Maryland, United States

  Since I was 14 years old I have been involved in the soccer industry either through playing, coaching, or refereeing. After graduating from Snow Hill High School in Snow Hill, Maryland, I earned a full scholarship to play soccer at John F. Kennedy College in Wahoo, Nebraska. During my freshman year, I led the team in scoring with an average of .67 goals per game.  After graduating from College I continued my playing days while in the United States Air Force. While in the Air Force I played on the base Soccer Team and also coached a Youth Club.   After being honorably discharged from the Air Force, I coached at the high school level in 1987 at Largo Senior High School in Largo, Maryland, and at Snow Hill High School in 1995, in Snow Hill, Maryland. In 2001, I became a soccer referee with the Maryland Public Schools Athletic Association.  I joined the National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association, along with the United States Soccer Federation in 2005. I was elected as an assistant Referee for the Capital Athletic Conference Tournament for Women’s Soccer in 2006. In 2007, I was picked as an official for men’s and women’s soccer for the Capital Athletic Conference Championship as an assistant referee. Also in 2007, I was a referee (4th Official) for the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament for men’s soccer. In 2008, I was an assistant referee for the Old Dominion Athletic Conference Championship for women’s soccer and in 2009, I was an assistant referee for the Capital Athletic Conference Championship for women’s soccer.  During 2010, I participated as a second round referee in the men’s NCAA Soccer Tournament and was also an assistance soccer coach for Worcester Preparatory School in Berlin, Maryland.  In 2011, I continued as an assistant referee in the Women’s Conference Championship Soccer Tournament, and was also the 4th official at both the Men’s Conference Championship and the Men’s NCAA Soccer Tournament.   As a Sports Agent Advisor, I advise, guide, and assist any athlete on the business side of the sport so that they are not taken advantage of. The main reason I am a Sports Agent is that I have what it takes to be an agent. I have many personal ethics to offer such as integrity, reputation, and competence. I treat all athletes fairly and effectively. All Sports Agents should remain close to their clients long after you sign the contract. I am currently employed as a Quality Analyst  with a major aerospace company. I do not rely on any client’s salary to sustain my family. An athlete only has one career, so you as an agent have to make sure that they live comfortably after retirement.   A Sports Agent has to keep the athlete informed of all decision making. You should pick an agent on the basis of their ability and ethics, and nothing more. The greatest reward is to see their client succeed on and off the field. I am certain that my experience and training in the Sporting Industry can help any athlete achieve great success. I hope to represent athletes of all sports with a concentration in soccer. I intend to use the contacts I have garnered over the years refereeing soccer at the collegiate level to further the careers of my clients.