Ansu Dolley

Hyattsville, Maryland, United States

Ansu is the CEO of GLOBAL SPORT AGENCY, a full-service sports management company and a certified sports Contract Advisor with over 8 years of sports business experience.

Certified and mentored by one of the world's largest and reputable Sports Academy "Sports Management Worldwide", He has a vision, vigor and excellence to represent professional
Athletes, Media personalities and sports properties.

He is a noted dealmaker that draws from a diversified background in sports management, marketing, branding, social media, public relations,  publishing and licensing.

Ansu leverages his experience across sports, entertainment and business to generate innovative opportunities for his clients. His personal relationships with professional
football executives have proved invaluable for Athletes across Africa and Europe.

Having intimately and ultimately understood that it's very difficult to have a successful career in professional sports and with the average Soccer career lasting from 4 to 8 seasons,
we understand that Athletes need a strong representation with a deal maker instinct, and that's when He comes in to bridge the gap- to give the Athlete a longer-lasting lucrative career with no hassles.

Educated in both Liberia and the United States, born in the slums of West Africa, Ansu has tested and tasted the effects of both world and have acquired the drive, motivations
and the do-it - skills it takes to package an Athlete career and put him in the best position to succeed.

Education background;

1. Bsc In Criminal Justice from A.M.E Zion University College
 Monrovia, Liberia

2. Certificate in Professional Security Development from Wackenhut Corporation.
Washington, DC

3. Certificate in Leadership from Wackenhut Corporation.
Washington, DC

4. Certificate in Private Investigation from Professional Career Development Institute.
Georgia, USA.

5. Certificate and expert training program in access control, bank protocol conduction from The
International Monetary Fund.
Washington, DC

6. Certificate in player development and management from Africa Sports.