Ange-michel Muhayimana

Bedford, Texas, United States

Ange-Michel Muhayimana is a Pastor, published author and now an Agent Advisor with Sports Management Worldwide.Ange-Michel Muhayimana was born in Burundi and moved to the USA in 2015. He is married and has 2 children (a boy and a girl) and he and his family live in Bedford (Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex), Texas.

When growing up, Ange-Michel Muhayimana was an avid fan of Manchester United FC and Olympique de Marseille. His dream was to one day play for Manchester United FC, but that dream never materialized.

During his teen years, Ange-Michel Muhayimana discovered that he was gifted at playing soccer and joined his neighborhood club (it played in the Burundi 3rd Division) which he played for and captained for years. He later joined a First Division team in 1999-2000, but later left the club for different reasons including focusing on school.

During his short career, Ange-Michel Muhayimana encountered many challenges because he did not have a qualified Agent who would represent him and help him in dealing with club presidents who only cared about the money they could get out of players.

Once in the USA, he heard about SMWW and decided to enroll in their Soccer Agent Course in order to get the knowledge required before venturing into helping stranded players.

During his training at SMWW, Ange-Michel Muhayimana was taught by very known Agents like Skylet Andrew and John Print. Under the tutelage of these two well-known Agents, Ange-Michel Muhayimana acquired knowledge of USSF, FIFA, and FA required agent regulations and player association legalities, as well as contract negotiation, endorsements, sponsorships, ethics, collective bargaining agreements, draft preparation, marketing and recruiting.

Ange-Michel Muhayimana believes that true success in any business is the result of integrity, loyalty, and friendliness. He believes that these three virtues are key to succeeding as a Plyers’ Agent.

His passion is to turn players’ dreams into reality.