Amr Eldin

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Amr is an Egyptian-born Canadian, he resides in Ontario, Canada, with his wife and their three beautiful kids.

Amr played soccer at the youth level in Egypt during his childhood, he did not have the opportunity to continue as a club player, but he did not leave the pitch. Amr volunteered to coach youth in Milton Youth Soccer Club in Ontario. Amr was a licensed district referee in Canada Soccer from 2016 to 2019.

As an agent advisor, Amr has completed the soccer agent course from SMWW, he has been mentored by John Print, SMWW's Director of Soccer, and Sky Andrew. At SMWW Amr was educated on the art of contract negotiation, agent regulations, endorsements, international transfers, training compensation, and many of the other aspects involved in managing professional soccer players.

On the other side, Amr has his own business in Architectural design, he earned his bachelor’s degree in architecture from Egypt in 1999, Amr has a diploma in Construction Project Management from Algonquin College – Ottawa in 2013, and a diploma in Home Inspections from Carson Dunlop College in 2018. He is also holding a PMP designation from PMI since 2014.