"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination."
-- Tommy Lasorda

Dr. Lashbrook's Former Clients

Mark Fields, 1st Round 1995
Mark Fields Stats

Brian Dawkins, 2nd Round 1995
Brian Dawkins Stats

Mike Flanagan, 3rd Round 1996
Mike Flanagan Stats

Barrett Brooks, 2nd Round 1995
Barrett Brooks Stats

Alex Van Dyke,2nd Rd.1995
Alex Van Dyke Stats

Tony Cline, 4th Rd. 1995
Tony Cline Stats

Lonnie Johnson, 2nd Rd. 1994

Derrick Clark, Free Agent Denver Broncos 1994

Josh Wilcox, Free Agent New Orleans

Mrs. Lashbrook with SMG Client Jerry Rice

Dr. Lashbrook with Mark Fields (left) & Chris Hayes, Jets

Jeremy Asher, 7th Rd. Washington Redskins 1996

Dr. Lashbrook with SMG Client, AJ O'fodile
Other Clients:
Sean Jackson, Florida State, Fourth Rd. Houston Oilers
Ralph Dawkins, Louisville, Free Agent New Orleans Saints
Brian Manning, Stanford, 7th Rd. Miami Dolphins
Steve Hardin, Oregon, Free Agent Indianapolis Colts