Sports Management Worldwide's agency utilizes it's sports directors in each sport to provide expertise to our network of agent advisors. Having sports directors allows SMWW to provide better service to our athletes as well as our agent advisors by having an experienced sports agent working closely on all aspects of the agent business within their sport of expertise.

Lynn Lashbrook

Dr. Lynn Lashbrook is the President and Founder of the Sports Management Worldwide Agency. Lynn has been a certified agent with the NFL for over 20 years and has personally represented over 100 NFL clients including first rounders. Under Dr. Lashbrook’s leadership, the Sports Management Worldwide Agency has grown into an international full service sports agency with over 200 Agent Advisors worldwide representing hundreds of clients in the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, MLS, minor leagues and international leagues.
Having spent forty years on university campuses, as a NCAA Athletic Director, Compliance Officer, Coach, Scout and Academic Advisor, Dr. Lashbrook brings keen insight. His diverse background is unmatched as a sports agent and he is known for his integrity and ethical compass. Client’s benefit from his wealth of connectivity, experience, and guidance from all facets of the game. In addition, Dr. Lashbrook brings a wealth of knowledge in contract negotiation, endorsements, handling media, marketing, financial, draft preparation, and long term career planning for athletes at every level of the game.
Dr. Lashbrook worked for Sports Management Group (SMG), which is now Creative Artists Agency (CAA), for five years. Dr. Lashbrook was mentored in the agent business by CAA Football Director Jim Steiner, then Jerry Rice’s agent, alongside Ben Dogra. During these years Dr. Lashbrook gained years of experience from the top talent negotiators in the world.
SMWW trains thousands of students every year for sports business careers, including athletes, agents, and other sports industry leaders. Under Dr. Lashbrook’s direction, SMWW offers a global sports faculty via online training, with over 5000 alumni from over 125 countries. Internationally, Dr. Lashbrook is a sought after sports business speaker, having spoken on 5 continents in addition to hosting and moderating sports career conferences at major sporting events. For the legal profession he provides an online CLE "Winning with Ethics" seminar through Legalspan.
Dr. Lashbrook spearheaded an effort to bring a Major League Baseball franchise to Portland, Oregon during the relocation of MLB’s Montreal Expos. Lynn led the lobbying efforts that resulted in a $150 million construction bill for a new stadium. Under his leadership, the group secured legislative action to subsidize a new stadium with players payroll taxes. Due to this campaign, a 25,000-seat stadium in the heart of the city was revitalized rather than torn down, now home to the MLS Portland Timbers.

Dr. Lashbrook's former clients

Dr. Lashbrook's full bio and list of clients

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Bret Kanis, JD - Basketball Director

Bret Kanis is an Agent Attorney with the Hightower Law Firm in Pensacola, Florida and a certified Player Agent with the National Basketball Players Association. Throughout his career, Bret has had the opportunity to work with high-round draft picks, Hall of Fame athletes, and Olympic Gold medalists. Bret's primary role is representing professional basketball players, both in the U.S. and internationally; however, he also has experience in representing professional baseball, football and hockey players as well as basketball coaches. Bret's overseas basketball connections are a huge asset to SMWW clients. He is well connected and understands the nuances of the different countries and different leagues. Bret's expertise in overseas will ensure success for all SMWW Basketball clients.


Bret's sports marketing experience is unsurpassed, having worked with professional and Olympic athletes with respect to their endorsements and marketing including league-wide sponsorships. Bret's legal practice involves representing closely-held businesses and their owners in all aspects of general business and tax law as well as estate planning. As part of Bret's legal practice, he has represented professional athletes in contract negotiations, contract disputes and their off-the-field business ventures and personal matters; ownership groups in their potential purchase of professional sports franchises; and student-athletes in issues relating to their National Letter of Intent.


Bret graduated with a B.S.B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis; a J.D. from Pepperdine University School of Law; and a LL.M. in Taxation from New York University School of Law. Bret received the highest grade in his sports law class where his professors were prominent sports agents, Dan Fegan and Barry Axelrod. Upon graduation from law school, Bret co-authored a bi-weekly sports law article that was published in the George Washington Law School, Pepperdine Law School and Hofstra Law School Newspapers.

Manny Schmidt - NHLPA Certified Agent

Manny Schmidt is the founder and President of Link Management International and has been a key influencer within the Sports and Entertainment Industry for more than 19 years. Based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and a graduate of the University of Alberta, Manny oversees all aspects of Link Management, its various operational divisions and all members of the Link Management Team.

Since first established in 1995 as a leading provider of business and personal market branding solutions for the sports, entertainment and service sectors, Manny has lead Link Management to expand its market presence with the formal introduction of the Link Management International Sports Agency in 2009 and The Link High Performance Athlete Development Division in 2013. The Link Management International Sports Agency is a full-service micro agency that specializes in the development, representation and management of elite athletes throughout North America, with an active and growing client base in its Hockey, Football and Olympic Divisions.

Over the years Manny has had the opportunity to work with and guide the careers of numerous top Professional Athletes, Olympians, and Entertainers and has been called upon as a strategic advisor to many corporate executives both in North America and aboard. As part of his experience, Manny has structured and negotiated multi-million dollar transactions and professional contracts, has lead the design and implementation of numerous specialized brand positioning and marketing campaigns and has facilitated the partnerships of various personal endorsement deals along with a variety of product and property sponsorship deals. 

As President and CEO of Link Management International, Manny oversees and remains responsible for all contract negotiations and strategic direction of its clients, and to continue to guide the ongoing growth of the firm as one of the leading full-service micro sports agency’s in the industry.

Jeff Lynch

Jeff Lynch is a certified NFLPA Contract Advisor. Through his business experience, Jeff has negotiated and managed multi-million dollar contracts. Combined with his passion for sports, Jeff uses business skills to provide perspective to the many issues facing athletes.

Jeff received a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and has been elected to the Sigma Beta Delta National Honorary Society in Business, Management, and Administration. A native of St. Louis, Missouri (and graduate of McCluer North High School), he has developed longstanding local relationships as well as strong relationships within the sports industry. Jeff is a member of the St. Louis Sports Commission and has actively marketed numerous athletic and charitable events within the community.

Jeff strives to uniquely personalize the representation of professional football players by developing longstanding relationships built upon integrity and trust. He is available for interview upon request.

Jan Wieland - International FIBA Consultant

Jan Wieland, is of both German and Finnish descent. He founded Blacktop Management after a series of injuries put his pro basketball career to an end. Jan played in the USA in high school and college, as well as a pro career in Europe. Due to his broad horizon in playing basketball in multiple countries, Jan understands very well the needs and problems both upcoming and established basketball players may face, along with the challenges many teams have. Throughout his years living and player basketball both domestically and internationally, Jan has built up connection on every level of the game. 

Jan is a recurring speaker at at the Vegas Summer League Basketball Career Conference in July every year, and will also speak at the Portsmouth Career Conference in April 2015. 

John Print - SMWW Director of Soccer and a certified FIFA certified agent

John Print is SMWW's UK Operations Manager and Director of Soccer. He is a licensed player agent through the English FA. 

John Print is SMWW's Director of Soccer and a Licensed Soccer Players Agent by the FA with a focus on the UK, England, and USA markets. As an agent, John has represented clients at all professionals levels in England, across Europe and the USA, including the EPL, MLS, and USL. In addition, John has been working as a freelance soccer scout for professional teams in England for the past six years. 

Besides working in soccer, John represents Olympic / Paraolympic athletes and other sports personalities. Prior to working with SMWW, John worked with UK Sport within their International Relations and Drug-Free Sport Departments. He was also a partner with London based sports agency, SIML before setting up his own agency called Sports Talent, which focused on promoting athletes to protional and media projects. Highlights include proving talent for Global TV Commericials on behalf of Nike, adidas, EA Sports, Pepsi and Castrol, and soccer talent for Timberland's Worldwide No. 1 music video - "The Way we Are". 

John's passion is in providing high quality management and support services for SMWW clients. His knowledge and contacts within soccer across the globe allow both clients and brands to maximize their earnings through personal appearances, sponsorship, and promotional campaigns. John is a huge asset to SMWW due to his experience with domestic and international contract negotiations, in addition to his knowledge of transfer negotiation. John has tremendous understanding of what it takes to market a player at every level of the game. His combined scouting and agent experience with teams and clubs at all levels is unique and a huge asset for SMWW clients looking to play at the highest level. 

Over the past five years, John has also been the host lecturer for SMWW's Soccer Athlete Management and Soccer Management and Scouting courses. He is also a regular lecturer at New Buckinghamshire University as part of their Sports Management and Soccer study degree, lecturing on Soccer Club Marketing, Fan Relationship, and Athlete Management. 

John graduated from Bournemouth University with a BA(Hons) in Marketing and from Manchester Metropolitan University Masters in Sports Law and has been working in Sports Management, Sports Marketing, and Player Representation for over 15 years. 

Jeff Brodie, MBA

Jeff is dedicated to developing the career of every SMWW basketball client. Jeff’s goal is so each player can grow professionally, educationally, emotionally, and financially. Not just in the short-term, but throughout his career as well as into their retirement. Jeff joined Sports Management Worldwide in 2008, and quickly achieved the status of Director of Basketball Operations. He became a NBA certified agent in 2010. Jeff received his Bachelor of Science in Personal Finance from Oregon State University. He received his MBA at Marylhurst University. He has carried that financial knowledge over to the business of basketball. Combining his education and professional experience, Jeff has been in the finance industry for over 10 years. Jeff is widely respected for his relational talents, communication skills and his proven ability to motivate, train, and mentor Basketball Agents and clients on behalf of SMWW. Jeff has established a relationship with and works closely with NetScouts Basketball, the International Basketball Connection which provides consulting and scouting for basketball teams worldwide. Jeff oversees the SMWW Basketball faculty including Frank Burlison, NBA Scout, Ed Gregory, former NBA GM, Irving Roland, Phoenix Suns Player Development Coach and Synergy Sports Technology, the company that provides the scouting software used by every NBA team.

Jeff’s sole mission is to maximize his client’s worth both on and off the court. He concentrates on the well-being of the athlete by providing a support system which allows SMWW basketball athletes to focus on realizing their full athletic potential. Jeff's goal is to build long-term relationships based on honesty, trust and integrity.

Oscar Suarez - MLBPA Player Agent

(Phoenix, Arizona) Oscar Suarez is an MLB Certified Agent with over 30 clients. Oscar's retired clients include Elmer Dessens, Juan Castro, Alberto Castillo, Tim Johnson (former MLB Manager), Howie Clark, John Bannister, Jailen Peguero, Arturo Lopez, Edwin Moreno, and more. He also represents a few superstars in Japan including Balvino Galvez, Leo Garcia, and Armando Reynoso - all of whom are retired. He has run Suarez & Associates for over 26 years representing clients mostly from Mexico and other Latin countries. Suarez has a Masters in Accounting from University of Denver. A native of Havana, Cuba and raised in Puerto Rico, Suarez is fluent in Spanish.


Trisonya Abraham - SMWW Director of Basketball Portland, Oregon, USA

Trisonya is considered one of the world's leading female basketball agents. Her dedicated and refreshing approach to player advocacy has enabled her to maximize her clients' earning potential and has facilitated a strong working relationship with both men's and women's basketball and the lucrative international basketball community.

Trisonya has acted as TTM Management's president since she co-founded the agency with her husband in 1995 and has plied her craft in nearly every country in the world and in every professional league in the United States. Trisonya provides a unique perspective when assisting her clients with contract procurement, contract management and overseas service. Her extensive international experience has enabled Trisonya to understand the European and Asian markets exceptionally well. TTM is the world leader in player placement in the highly lucrative Korean and Chinese markets and Trisonya's initiative in cultivating that market has provided some of the world's best contracts for her players.

In addition to her overseas expertise, Trisonya is fully certified by the Women's National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA), TTM Management clients are afforded a rare combination of professional expertise, all-inclusive service and personal attention often lacking in today's representation field. She has a thorough understanding of the WNBA draft, the rules governing free agency and the salary cap, and is able to work directly with the most powerful people in women's professional basketball. She has represented players on every team in the WNBA and maintains a positive working relationship with the head coaches and general managers of the league's thirteen clubs.

Trisonya and her husband, Michael, both work together from their home-based Portland offices and are well respected in the basketball community. Visit Trisonya's website at

Joe Bonahoom - Baseball

Joe is an attorney and serves as the SMWW Director of Baseball. Joe has been practicing law since 1986 when he graduated from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a B.S. in Business Administration and a J.D. Degree in Law. He is an active member of the Sports Lawyer's Association. Joe has counseled with and negotiated for clients in all facets of business set up, planning and operations, contractual matters and negotiations, financial transactions, tax, investment and retirement planning. Joe's law practice led him to the representation of several professional athletes for legal, business, contractual and financial matters and ultimately into the athlete agent business.

"Agents need to be competent and qualified to provide advice, direction and counsel to athletes. Agents must also be willing to take the time to deal with whatever issues are necessary in order to allow the athlete to focus his or her time and attention on excelling as an athlete. I am involved in sports agency and sports management because I have a passion to be involved with athletics and with athletes. My background helps me to identify and deal with issues at the highest level on behalf of athletes and as Director of Baseball this is something that I can pass on to other agent advisors as they support and service their athletes. Our job is to help the athletes succeed and to take the everyday pressures off of them so that they may concentrate solely on their profession. All athletes should expect this type of service from their agents."

Joe's experiences provide a great foundation and uniquely qualify him as a sports agent and Director of Baseball in that all the issues that athletes will face are those in which he has significant experience. Joe firmly believes that an agent's responsibility goes well beyond the signing of the contract and obtaining a commission, and that all athletes have a need for a competent agent who understands all of the legal, business, financial and other issues that an athlete will face throughout his or her career and into retirement. Through his background and experiences, Joe brings these aspects to SMWW not only for himself but also for other agent advisors affiliated with SMWW so that they may provide top-notch advice and service to athletes.

Roger Barnes

Roger Barnes, cricket agent and co-founder of Sports International Management Ltd., in London, began his career in accountancy. Roger's knowledge and expertise ranges from a junior partnership of Adams, Barnes & Company to the Finance and Administration Director of G Munch Jorgensen International Ltd., an international finance company. A passion for cricket led to a professional change of direction and Roger focused his financial expertise in assisting his cricket clients. From there he became the founder of a successful and respected sports management company, Master Sports. Roger has now been involved in sports management for over ten years and has represented many first class and legendary cricketers.

Roger has a vast experience of sports player representation, negotiation of contracts and interaction with the media. He has worked to clinch sponsorship and endorsement deals for his various cricket clients and has organized various sports events. His experience renders him an ideal bureau for cricket representation and contractual advice. Roger’s vast experience of the agent side of the cricket business includes endorsements, contracts, event planning and sponsorship.


Juan Pablo Sanchez

Management for the past 10 years demonstrating a lifelong passion for racing. Juan Pablo has raced cars and motorcycles and has acted as advisor and spotter for professional racecar drivers.

Juan Pablo has been an active corporate and sports law attorney for 9 years and is the CEO of a sports agency in Mexico. Global Sports Management represents race car drivers and other professional athletes. Global Sports Management has a mission to promote, assist and educate race car drivers around the world. Internationally, Juan has participated in seminars and practical courses with several NASCAR teams. Global Sports Management As part of racecar teams in Mexico, Juan Pablo has acted as spotter for several professional drivers winning 3 championships in the Vintage series. He has assisted teams in the development of new strategies and guided drivers on and off the racetrack. Juan is also an adjunct professor with the Johan Cruyff University Mexico.

Note: Juan Pablo Sanchez speaks fluent Spanish and English, however the course is currently only offered in English.

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