Our Cricket Team

Sports Management Worldwide's agency utilizes it's sports directors in each sport to provide expertise to our network of agent advisors. Having sports directors allows SMWW to provide better service to our athletes as well as our agent advisors by having an experienced sports agent working closely on all aspects of the agent business within their sport of expertise.

Roger Barnes



Roger Barnes, cricket agent and co-founder of Sports International Management Ltd., in London, began his career in accountancy. Roger's knowledge and expertise ranges from a junior partnership of Adams, Barnes & Company to the Finance and Administration Director of G Munch Jorgensen International Ltd., an international finance company. A passion for cricket led to a professional change of direction and Roger focused his financial expertise in assisting his cricket clients. From there he became the founder of a successful and respected sports management company, Master Sports. Roger has now been involved in sports management for over ten years and has represented many first class and legendary cricketers.

Roger has a vast experience of sports player representation, negotiation of contracts and interaction with the media. He has worked to clinch sponsorship and endorsement deals for his various cricket clients and has organized various sports events. His experience renders him an ideal bureau for cricket representation and contractual advice. Roger’s vast experience of the agent side of the cricket business includes endorsements, contracts, event planning and sponsorship.