SMWW is among the most qualified agencies in the world for overseas basketball. With a full time director located in Europe and agents all over the world, SMWW can provide unparrelled support. So why is SMWW a good fit for your career for overseas basketball?

  1. We have our Director of Overseas Basketball living and working year around in Europe dedicated to the overseas basketball market. As opposed to the majority of American based agents/agencies who try to represent their clients from the States. It is simply impossible to have a working knowledge of the teams, leagues, and most importantly our clients, without being near the action.

    Having an office based in Europe (Valencia, Spain) and our Director of Overseas Basketball, K.C. Callero, living year around overseas, gives us a decided advantage not only in being able to communicate directly with coaches and managers, but also understanding the culture as well as the situation where we are placing players.

  2. We don't work with partner agents. Because most of the agents/agencies recruiting you don't have agents based year around in Europe working exclusively for them, they are forced to send their players' profiles and video tapes out to any number of 'partner agents' or 'strategic alliances' all over Europe and the U.S.A. What this means is they don't have direct connections to the market in the countries where you will be going.

    Each of these so called 'partners' is in reality working with many agents from all over the world and receiving countless player profiles and video tapes of players throughout the year. With this system, you go from being a person and player who needs to best possible marketing overseas to get into the right situation, to another number on a page. Ultimately your future could be in the hands of somebody you've never even spoken to.

  3. Our agent advisor program gives us the feel of a small agency by providing pretty of personal attention. While utilizing the company's array of services and individuals involved, we are also able to personally focus on our players' individual needs. With far-reaching marketing capabilities and personal relationships to teams, general managers, and coaches across Europe and around the globe, SMWW is revolutionizing the agent business.

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