Wifrid Dauphin

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States


Wil Dauphin is from Bronx NY where dreams are made of there's nothing you can't do bright lights will inspire you. He obtained his undergrad degree in financial service management from Johnson & Wales University during his time at JWU he wrestles at 174 lbs and the original member of the new program post-graduation he pursued a Master Degree in Marketing and a career in the financial sector field while also coaching high school wrestling. Dauphin also built his career in real estate he recognized at an early age real estate is where most billion start their wealth. By investing in real estate he showed the blueprint to financial freedom. In his tenure as a finance guy, Wil witnessed many players crippled by terrible contracts, abysmal counsel, and lack of financial literacy. His goal is to educate athletes to build generational wealth through his expertise in real estate and multiple financial sectors he's involved with. His Mission is doing the right things with the right people for the right reason to forged a unique and personal approach to representing top talent putting athletes first and empowering them to build careers and brands on and off the field.


  • NBA Certified
  • NFLPA Certified