Ronald Braden

Los Angeles , California, United States

RONALD M. BRADEN is an experienced and goal-orientated individual in a wide-world of sports whose passion has permitted him to be a coach, a motivator, and how to energize players. His track record is being consistent while meeting expectations through skills and a winning mindset. He is a well-rounded individual who has chosen a career as a Sports Agent Advisor. Players need agents to manage their careers and Ronald’s story focuses on building personal relationships centered around mutual respect, service-oriented, and implementing actions. Supporting athletics to find their way of keeping their passion alive as they grow collaboratively and professionally with a successful attitude. Effective communication and integrity are a model for Ronald to be productive and knowledgeable of sports management. This includes knowing regulations, player associations, legalities, contract negotiations, endorsements, sponsorship, ethics, collective bargaining, agreements, draft preparations marketing, and recruitment. Athletics no longer want to be restricted, confined, and boxed in. This means if you want to sign clients and make a career out of this-you must help them beyond the game. Ronald has chartered his passions through the following positions: -Pittsburg Pirates AAA Baseball Club -Minor League Baseball Mexican Majors -Venezuela Caracas Baseball Club -Elysian One LLC. Dodger Baseball Academy- Manhattan Beach, CA -LA Extreme Travel Baseball Academy- Manhattan Beach, CA -Ladera Park Little League-Los Angeles, CA -Ozzie Smith All-Star Baseball Academy- St. Louis, MO Ronald earned his degree in Business Administration from California Polytechnic State University located in San Luis Obispo graduating in 1979. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.