Roderick Skillman

United States, Arizona, United States

Rod Skillman brings a unique perspective to the NIL space. He focuses on bringing longevity to the athletes’ platform instead of quick and minimum gains. Rod Skillman draws on his education Bachelor of Science in Business Admin (Finance) University of Missouri, Master of Business Administration, Niagara University. Drawing on his years of experience in the financial industry and playing football at the University of Missouri, New Jersey Generals, and Hamilton Tiger Cats. He has drawn on his knowledge to create a true “grass roots” approach to the Name Image and Likeness (NIL) arena. He gained insight and sharpened his vision of the NIL landscape by attending the first NIL course offered by Sports Management Worldwide. He’s assembled a team of individuals that can provide a turnkey solution that allows the athlete to optimize their true value based on the amount of effort he/she wants to put into their social media platforms. His team has built an NIL solution that can be a co-brand or brand based solution focused solely on the individual. He believes the athletes should be independent of the school or professional team they are associated with from the standpoint of products or services. He looks for athletes that understands what their brand value can be or want to do more to optimize their social presence. His programs focus on individuals that are looking to monetize their social image not only while attending the school or playing professionally but extending to when the athletic career is over. His approach focuses on sustainable development, self-improvement and socially conscious practices that result in growth of the individual. Additionally, he was a three-year letter winner, as a walk-on, with the distinction of the only person to earn a scholarship even though he never played football in high school. He has engaged a number of influential decision-makers and thought leaders in the social media market to act as advisors that the athlete can consult to ensure creativity on an ongoing basis.