Matthew Brock

Fort Myers, Florida, United States

From recording music and touring the country, to making multi-million-dollar decisions on a nightly basis for a Fortune 500 company, Matthew Brock has "put in work".

Bringing his talents of multi-tasking and organizational skills combined with his knowledge of working and dealing with Labor Laws with one of the biggest Unions in town, the Teamsters. Matthew has built his own style of personal development that is a proven road map to success. Matthew is currently enrolled in S.M.W.W.'s Baseball Agent course and Athlete Marketing & Branding course. As of today, he has already completed the Baseball Analytics course & Athlete Management course. Once he has successfully completed his current courses, he plans on enrolling in the Player Development (Baseball) and Baseball GM & Scouting courses later this summer.

Matthew graduated top of his class from the Institute of Audio Research in 2009 which prepared him to work for some major labels such as Atlantic, Def Jam, Shady and Universal Records as a performing artist and Audio engineer. Matthew has also successfully completed NYU's Global Sports Marketing and Management certification course this past Fall. Matthew believes that the combination of his work experience and education has put him in a great position to represent YOU to the maximum ability. Matthew's persistent characteristics and work horse mentality is a great asset to any athlete who wants to focus on their profession & craft while knowing and trusting they have someone on the sports business world front lines fighting for them!