Lantz Carter

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Lantz Carter has been involved with sports at a high level since he was an adolescent. Lantz was a star 2 sport athlete in football and lacrosse in Baltimore, Md during his high school playing days. He decided to pursue lacrosse at the collegiate level where he proceeded to win 2 national championships for Salisbury University in 2011 & 2012. After graduating from Salisbury in 2013, Carter moved to California and went on to play lacrosse professionally, both indoor (NALL) and outdoor (MLL/LXM Pro Tour) for a few years. After a brief professional career, Carter decided to coach lacrosse full time at the youth and high school levels. Carter helped build one of the top lacrosse organizations in California, producing some of top collegiate recruits. In 2017, Carter then moved to back home to the east coast where he became an assistant coach at Hampton University with responsibilities as the Offensive coordinator and recruiting coordinator for 3 seasons. Carter is currently a high school program director for a nonprofit, owns a youth lacrosse program in Baltimore, and is an entrepreneur with diverse business ventures. Carter has broken into the athlete representation lane making an imprint in the professional lacrosse world and other non-traditional sports.