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Kysha Williams


 Agent Bio

Welcome one and all.  My name is Kenneth D. Williams         Having been affiliated and working with organized athletics since High School gradutation in 1973, and competing at an early age while in the military, and in college. I was able to obtain experience at every level in football, basketball, golf, tennis, track. From, High School, College, Professional, Including scouting, and drafting. I know that this completed course S.M.W.W.  has opened up an opportunity for my experiences to help those of you whose dream and goal together  we can achieve which as an advisor the  honest truth is all I know for the client. Having to build a trust with my clients is a must, and not a problem for me .so that they can always depend  on  my skill toward  my  clients, as well as my clients ability. My experience in union contracts for over 20 past years as A shop steward (certified) can help assist the client. I would consider it an honor to working with you  and it would be my pleasure to be of assistance to your career.            Married to a very lovely wife of 34 years to Dollie, with two grown children one who is playing  overseas professionally.