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  Carson, California, USA

Kevin Lane

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Hello, my name is Kevin Lane Sr. and I’m a Southern California native that has been involved in the sports climate my entire life in one capacity or another. My involvement in sports as an athlete, coach and recruitment liaison, which included scouting athletes, has giving me the insight in the world of sports from several different prospective. These true qualities combined with 23 years of practicing criminal law gives me the attributes of being successful in strategizing, planning, research, negotiating and managing.

The key to success is to prosper from the endeavors of your goals, obtain the wealth of achievement and the accolades of hard work. This is what I live by and dedicate to my clients. A family atmosphere creates trust, transparency and loyalty, which is something you should be looking for to represent you. These key ingredients guide an individual to refute failure and embrace accomplishments beyond expectation. This is what I want for my clients and you should want for yourself.

With the integrity and character that I have instilled in myself, I assure you that I will perform my fiduciary duties with nothing less then being ethically correct on behalf of my clients in every situation. My dedication to you is on and off the field.

“Live each day so that you are proud of the person you face in the mirror each morning. Make the best of the abilities that God has given you. Do the things that are righteous rather than the things that make you look good or make you popular. When all is said and done, it’s just you and God, and you can’t fool either one.” - Herb Score





  • Sports Management Worldwide; Portland, Oregon, USA
    Athlete Management, May 31, 2010

    Training included: agent regulations & player association legalities, contract negotiation, endorsements, sponsorship's, ethics, collective bargaining agreements, draft preparation, marketing and recruiting.(Mentored by NFL Agent, Dr. Lynn Lashbrook)

    Sports Management Worldwide; Portland, Oregon, USA Football GM & Scouting, August 2, 2010

    Training included: NFL scouting techniques, NFL general manager practices, basic video editing and Coaches Office, statistical analysis, scouting reports and NFL collective bargaining agreement.(Mentored by NFL experts Russ Lande & Mike Lombardi)
    Reference: Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, President, Sports Management Worldwide, 503-445-7105

    Canadian Football League Players Association;
    Canadian Football League Certified Contract Advisor,
    Registration # 2012081812


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