Katrina West

Livingston, Texas, United States

Katrina West is from Livingston, TX and graduated from Livingston High School. She began her career at McDonald's on July 23, 2000 where she has worked her way up to management Katrina is a Shift manager, and responsible for overseeing daily operations, ensuring that all tasks were completed efficiently and on time. She also helps with the training and developing of team members, which helped to create a strong and successful work environment. On April 25, 2022, She became an sports agent. Katrina West is a highly respected who is known for her hard work and determination. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family , friends, and watching sports, . She has learned the importance of hard work and . determination comes from her years of working hard. Katrina through her work experience has been able to acquire personality traits, qualities, and skills that are crucial for the personal and professional success. For example, in terms of professional skills. She has gained financial intelligence, effective and convincing communication skills, leadership competencies, analytical and critical thinking skill, delegation, and time management. In addition, the educational and work experience has also helped her in understanding the importance of decision-making in the organizations based on the current circumstances and external and internal organizational environments and corporate culture. Most importantly Katrina West is determined and focusing on making a brighter future for herself as a sports agent advisor.