Joseph Gallello

Needham, Massachusetts, United States

Joseph Gallello is a recent graduate of SMWW earning a certificate in Sports Management and just became an Agent Advisor for the Sport of Hockey. Joseph Gallello received his Master's Degree from Lasell University in Sports Management with a concentration in Sports Leadership. During Joseph's four years of college, Joseph managed to graduate with both an Associates and Bachelors degrees. Then, when Joseph started his Master's degree when the pandemic started but Joseph accomplished his goal and completed his Masters degree. Joseph is a very hard-working individual who will focus on his craft of becoming the best Hockey agent possible. Joseph will be the best version of an NHL agent that he can be, Joseph will focus all of his energy on the clients that he will represent and help them get the contracts they deserve. Joseph loves the sport of Hockey and would love to excel in the sport as an agent. Joseph will always be respectful and caring for his clients and their families. He will travel to every country he needs to recruit the best clients. Joseph will represent the best clients that he can and will make their dreams come true.