Joseph Bonahoom

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States

Joe has been practicing law since 1986.  After practicing with a large firm for 8+ years and being named partner, Joe founded Bonahoom & Bonahoom, LLP in 1995.  He is also the founder of Bonahoom Sports Management, LLC.  In 18+ years, Joe has counseled and worked with individuals and their businesses in helping with financial, tax, business, investment, real estate, and estate planning matters.  His background uniquely qualifies him as a sports agent in that the issues which all athletes will face are those in which he has significant experience including contract negotiations, business planning and operation, advising on financial, investment, estate and trust planning, and all other aspects of the personal, business, and financial needs of the athlete.


Joe has dealt extensively with financial advisors and planners, accountants, CPAs, investment advisors, real estate professionals and business persons in all aspects of the business world.


Professional athletes have a need for a competent agent advisor who understands the legal, business, and financial issues that an athlete will face, and has the experience and ability to recognize these issues, protect the athlete from liability, and deal with contractual and financial issues not only during the athlete's career, but in preparation for the athlete's life after the sports career has ended.  Joe believes that it's important to look at all of the aspects of the athlete's life, and guide them through the difficult decisions, both inside and outside the sports arena.  He believes that the role of the agent advisor does not end with the contract negotiation.  Rather, the agent should be there for the athlete to help protect and advise with regard to all aspects of the financial and personal situations necessary.  He will help them set goals and create strategies which will benefit the athlete throughout their life, and his background and experience uniquely qualify him for this.


Joe has become an agent advisor because he has the passion to be involved in athletics and with athletes.  This passion, taken in conjunction with his background combined with the support of Sports Management Worldwide will create an opportunity for the athlete to receive the best advice and service available during their athletic career and beyond.