Deforest Hart

Cypress, Texas, United States

Deforest Hart, owner of America’s Next Draft Sports Management. At ANDP Sports Management, we work with clients in a highly individualistic manner. Each client has a unique career and financial goals and we strive to achieve these goals with honesty, integrity, and maximum effort.

Deforest Hart completed the Athlete Management Certification October 2007, with 8 years of experience he is interested in assisting you in taking your career in sports to the next level. He is a very self-motivated individual and comes from a strong Christian background.

Deforest is a firm believer in Tony Robbins quote “the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships,” and believes in treasuring positive relationships. Deforest aspires to utilize his roles as an Agent Advisor to protect the best interest of his clients, to assist them in utilizing their platform to serve as positive role models in their community, and assist them with on and off the field advice both current and post career.

Coming from a poor but blessed background, Deforest looked at football as a key to getting to college. Haunted by injuries both Jr. and Sr. years of high school, he watched his shot of playing Division I football slowly fade away. Enlisting in the military was Deforests only option, until he received a phone call from Hinds Community College for a full ride.  

In spring 1998, Deforest received a call to play at Delta State University. He helped the team go 14-1 and on to win the 2000 Division II National Championship. After several NFL and CFL workouts, Deforest went on to play 7 years of Professional Arena Football.

After a successful Professional Arena career, Deforest utilized his college background and experience to open ANDP Sports Academy; an athletic speed, strength, and conditioning training facility in Cleveland, Ohio. Now looking to open his 2nd location in Houston, Texas.

Deforest is currently studying for his CSCS “Strength and Condition Specialist” but hope to start a new exciting career in the world of sports as an Agent Advisor for Sports Management Worldwide. He hopes to launch his own firm, America’s Next Draft Pick Sports Management, in years to come. Deforest responsibilities as an Agent Advisor include: Agent regulations and player association legalities, contract negotiations, endorsements, sponsorships, collective bargaining agreement, draft preparation, and marketing on behalf of the clients for Sports Management Worldwide.