Darwin Dillard

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States


As an SMWW sports agent advisor and soon to be an official sports agent, this is Darwin Dillard. He is a very hard worker and will work effortlessly to fulfill whatever task is required. Once he sets a goal, he sets up a plan for it and eventually gets it accomplished. His personality will be a fit for any clients which he knows that being successful in business takes great chemistry. He wants to build on top of the SMWW culture with his charisma. His love for sports is the reason why he is here and also loves getting down to the hard work of the business which he doesn’t get overwhelmed by pressure. His clients will be his main focus 100% of the time and will without a doubt be putting them in realistic situations for them but also their families. He wants his clients to feel as welcome as they can and to build a family-type bond in this business.

SMWW is his highest education in which he was supposed to attend the University of Bowie State to study sports management but due to the founding of SMWW which was online and didn’t have to travel, he chose SMWW. It has been the best decision for him and is now allowed him to be able to do his dream job with a great experienced supporting cast.