Aaron Garcia

Fairy Meadow, Australia


Aaron is a young, determined and dedicated athlete agent that is seeking to provide high quality, ethical and competent representation to basketball players worldwide. He has great understanding of the business affairs throughout the NBA, NBDL, and International leagues and understands the entitlements players are obligated to go through their professional leagues. He understands exactly his duties and responsibilities in the fiduciary/business relationships and seeks to practice his profession with professional basketball players to maximums their earning potential and to seek employment worldwide to ensure a successful playing career and post-career services to ensure his clients best interests are satisfied and ensuing his clients keep financial stable/secure. 

Through a long desire to play professional basketball that was unsuccessful, Aaron turned to the business side of basketball. Seeking educational institutions and guidance he has completed his Diploma of Business and Management and is currently studying a Bachelor of Sports Business (Leadership) to increase his knowledge of the sports industry. On his quest to find sources to increase knowledge of Athlete Agents, he took the Athlete Management course with Sports Management Worldwide (SMWW), which led him to the opportunity to become an Agent Advisor which allows him to experience the industry whilst completing his degree.

He knows the importance of relationships and ensures that his principal is completely satisfied with all services and business affairs represented by him. He strives to satisfy his client’s best interests and ensure with continues communication that his clients are regularly monitored and guided through their business affairs and other life matters. Aarondedicates himself to his clients to ensure effective representation that satisfies the best interests of his clients and he aims to seek the best possible outcomes for his clients. 

Through his services he identifies it is his duty and responsibility under the fiduciary relationship to practice his profession within his best abilities demonstrating competent and ethical practice, act honestly, within good faith, give undivided loyalty, fully disclose all information relevant to his clients business affairs, practice his profession with integrity, dedication, desire and hungry to strive to seek and open opportunities for his clients to maximize their earning potential and professional basketball player career opportunities worldwide.

Aaron works to build his clients professional relationships with other individuals to maximize opportunities post retirement that could lead to employment. He understands how imperative it is to understand the marketplace and the evolving economics of the professional leagues to ensure his clients earning potential and secure contracts. Aaron has a strong and in-depth understanding of the industry in a multitude of topics.  

As an agent, he hopes to help athletes achieve their goals and dreams of playing professional sports and taking them to the next level. Aaron is committed to providing the care and skills needed to serve the needs of professional athletes.
Aaron Garcia

0401 926 562