Muhammed Kah

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

Muhammad Kah is an Agent Advisor at Sports Management Worldwide. His background in international trade and philanthropy sets a good foundation for his passion for sports management.

Coming from Washington DC, there is a rich culture and history of sports legends such as Wes Unsell, Darell Green, Joe Theismann, joe Ripken jr and Ovechkin.

With his background in commodities trading, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, sales and relationship with dignitaries and countries around the world, US Congress, major sports leagues. Muhammad is looking to build a network of sports professionals who will lead the sports world of the future.

He is originally from Medina Daru Salam Gambia, West Africa where he grew up playing soccer and has traveled internationally. His experience in different countries has allowed him to assimilate easily amongst multicultural environments.

Muhammed has analytical, and management skills; excellent verbal and communication skills, great customer service skills, and the ability to multi-task while keeping an eye for detail.

Muhammed is currently seeking an internship and/or an entry-level position in business/sports management both at home and abroad.