Justin Smith

Richmond, Virginia, United States

Justin Smith lives in Richmond, Virginia. He is an Agent advisor where he is able represent aspiring
collegiate and professional basketball players all the United States and overseas. Justin is new to the
world of representing athletes but comes with vast knowledge and experiences of understanding
players and knowing how to connect with their stories. Justin is a student of the game where he is
always striving to learn more innovative ways to put athletes in positions to succeed. Justin is a graduate
of Virginia State University where he earned his degree in Business Management. After graduating from
Virginia State in 2013 Justin began his career in sports first by serving local athletes which he facilitated
campus and served as co-chairperson to high profile players. Through his camp experience he learned
how to better service athletes and understand them as people first and athletes second. Justin also
served as a basketball referee for recreation, AAU, and scholastic leagues for three years. Though Justin
has been able to meet and help a lot of athletes’ visions come to life for their respective camps. He is
now ready to give back by creating opportunities for the next generation of players.
Smith graduated from SMWW in April 2021 as a Basketball Agent Advisor. He is mentored by Dr. Lynn
Lashbrook, Adam Klimek, and Bret Kanis. Justin prides himself on being Trustworthy, Reliable, having an
Entrepreneurial spirit, being Accountable, Trainable, always serving each client with a Smile. If given the
chance to represent future clients, Justin will be able to provide insight into Player Development,
Contract Negotiations, Marketing, Draft Preparations, and Professionalism.