Jacob Handy

Kansas City, Kansas, United States


Jacob Handy is one of the newest Agent Advisors working with Sports Management Worldwide. As a freshman in college in 2010, Jacob gained personal recruiting experience by volunteering to assist coach Bill Snyder. Jacob would establish personal relationships with the players and families to create the most comfortable atmosphere. “Jacob is an intelligent, compassionate and extremely personable young man who has a good work ethic. He gets along with his peers and is a genuine person. His honesty, integrity and loyalty set him a notch above most. He relates extremely well with people of all age groups and varied walks of life.” – Kansas State University, Bill Snyder; Head Coach For the 2012 football season Jacob had the privilege to shadow and work directly with Kansas State receiver’s coach Michael Smith. Jacob learned many skills and techniques about receivers and also defensive backs in this process. Watching and breaking down practice film provided more clarity on the coaching perspective of the game. “He is a bright young man, well spoken, responsible, hard working and personable. He has always gotten along well with his peers. He is a young ma of quality character, a friendly attitude and a committed spirit.” – University of Arkansas, Mike Smith; Wide Receivers Coach While still maintaining his responsibility with recruiting and with Coach Smith, Jacob was a member of the Kansas State University Football video crew. Jacob operated the camera and edited videos for daily practices. Jacob also managed media files and video taped content. Jacob will do whatever possible to represent your interests and help you achieve your goals as not only a sport’s professional, but also your life after sports as well. Jacob takes a fully integrated approach to his clients’ wealth, personal life, career and post-career challenges with the goal to simplify and enhance your life.